Soluble Support Material

The soluble support materials VXL® 90, VXL® 111, and VXL® 130 were specifically designed for use in additive manufacturing, namely Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). The FFF printer must be able to process several materials.

The materials are not another PVA/PVOH/BVOH-type. Compared to these solely water soluble support materials, our materials are soluble in a mild alkaline solution. Thus, they are less sensitive to moisture, have increased shelf life and consistent print quality over time. This avoids failed prints through clogged nozzles. Our materials have high melt stability and strong adhesion to model materials like PEEK, PA, PC, ABS/PC, TPE, ASA, ABS or PET. Temperature resistance of VXL® support materials is ideal for usage in heated build chambers.

As with any other material the best print results are obtained at minimal moisture content. Just use our VXL® EX Siccator.

Unlike when HIPS functions as the support material, you do not need any intensive-smelling, expensive solvent that must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Instead of this, VXL® EX, our specially developed detergent, provides the opportunity to dissolve the VXL® support materials in water. The detergent, dissolved in water produces a mild alkaline solution, which usually, together with the dissolved support material, can be disposed of via the waste water (limited quantities). Please check out your local regulations.

For making your entry into printing our material is as easy as possible, advice on processing is available for download.

Operating Instructions:

Download: VXL® support material Operating Instructions

Safety Data Sheet:

Download: VXL® support material SDS