Product Philosophy

It is our major task to offer you the whole product range for the professional use of Fused Filament Fabrication. Our core product is a portfolio of soluble support materials for advanced desktop and industrial printers. The products VXL® 90 and VXL® 111 are optimized for desktop printers, such as Prusa, Lulzbot, Ultimaker S3, Raise3D N2, Felix and other printers without a heated build chamber. The products VXL® 111 and VXL® 130 are ideally suited for industrial printers, such as Ultimaker S5, Raise 3D Pro2, 3DGence, EVO-tech, 3ntr, Roboze, Dynamical Tools, Bigrep Edge, Hage, Intamsys, Essentium and other printers with a heated or at least closed build chamber.

Our portfolio of soluble support materials provides ideal adhesion on a variety of model materials, such as PEEK, PA, PC, ABS/PC, TPE, ASA, ABS or PET.

The product range is rounded off with the detergent VXL® EX, which was specifically developed for dissolving VXL® support materials. Furthermore, we provide a list of washing tanks for dissolving the support – starting with a cheap entry-level model up to fully automatic industrial equipment.

To protect the filaments from moisture while printing as well as storing, we provide a suitable dry box, the VXL® EX Siccator.

By using the VXL® product family you will increase the performance and design freedom of your printer and thus exploit the maximum potential.

  • Simplify your 3D printing process chain by means of soluble support materials and avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive manual post processing.
  • Expand the geometrical freedom of designing your models. Implement your own creative potential without any limits.
  • Improve the surface quality of your prints.

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