Model Materials

The VXL® ABS model materials (VXL® ABS, VXL® ABSflow, VXL® ABShi) were specifically developed for the use in additive manufacturing, namely Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). VXL® ABS is our general-purpose material which is suitable in most applications. VXL® ABSflow features outstanding flow properties. This enables very high print speeds. On the other hand, this material makes it possible to use extremely fine nozzles for printing down to a diameter of 0.15 mm. This helps to achieve outstanding printing resolutions. VXL® ABShi is designed for applications demanding higher impact resistance.

The FFF printer should have at least a heated print bed for processing. The use of a heated build chamber helps to improve the results. These model materials were developed especially for processing in interaction with our soluble support material VXL® 111 in professional 3D printers. Although the moisture uptake of ABS is rahter low, we still encourage you to only print dry materials for achieving best results. This is done perfectly using our VXL® EX Siccator.

For making your entry into printing our material is as easy as possible, advice on processing is available for download.

Operating Instructions:

Download: VXL® ABSx Operating Instructions

Safety Data Sheet:

Download: VXL® ABSx SDS