Reccomendations for Cleaning Tanks

For dissolving our VXL® support material a cleaning bath with a stirring and heating mode is required. With ultrasound, circulation, jet streaming or combinations of these features you will obtain the best results. The following list provides recommendations for industrial devices from well-known companies in different price categories.

European Companies:



Bandelin offers ultrasonic baths with and without individually variable heating function up to 80 °C. Due to the high variety of products you can choose between an entry-level device and an industrial device with a filling volume between 0.9 l and 230 l.





Krumm-Tec offers optionally heated ultrasonic baths with stirring function for industrial use. The high-quality products of the Cleanmatic series were developed especially for dissolving FFF support materials. The filling volume is between 27 l and 1800 l.



Schmitt Ultraschall:

Schmitt Ultraschall offers heated cleaning baths with an individual temperature adjustment up to 85 °C. The filling volume starts at 20 l and can be chosen up to 1000 l. The circulation enables quick dissolution of the support material. The industrial devices can be used separately or in a washing line (cleaning, rinsing, drying). By installing a collection and drip tray you can ensure safe and clean working.



Companies in the USA:


PostProcess Technologies:

PostProcess Technologies offers cleaning baths, which are especially developed for dissolving support material. There are two series, which can be used for either small (Desing Series) or big (Production Series) objects. The temperature can be adjusted individually up to 70 °C – 80 °C. Depending on the device you can choose the stirring option for accelerating the process. A versatile application is possible, due to the various sizes of the cleaning baths.




The cleaning baths are especially developed for the FFF post processing and are running fully automatically. The objects will not experience any buoyancy. The devices are designed for big or rather many small objects. If needed, you can add a rinsing and drying station.






The particularly efficient ultrasonic baths with a filling volume form 5 l up to 100 l are suitable for small as well as for larger objects. In consultation with the manufacturer, there is the possibility to produce individual sizes.