Since BellandTechnology AG was founded in 2008, the company has developed, produced and marketed special acrylate-based thermoplastic polymers that are characterized by their controlled solubility in water or aqueous alkali solutions.

The controlled solubility of our thermoplastics (in form of solids, adhesives, foams, films, semi-finished products or fibres) is crucial for new innovative production processes in many areas of medical engineering, electronic industry and mechanical engineering.

In consultation with our customers, we also develop and produce functionalised, eco-friendly thermoplastics for customized technical solutions.

Due to intense cooperation with high-profile industrial customers from additive manufacturing, we are specialised in developing and producing soluble support materials for the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology.

It is the use of soluble support materials in addition to optimised modelling materials what made professional 3D printing based on FFF possible in the first place. We see our company as a global market leader and a driving force of innovation in this segment.

Our product portfolio for model and soluble support materials is constantly being expanded and optimised for the market of additive manufacturing in our own laboratories and facilities. In our own chemical production facility, new materials are polymerised and compounded, if necessary.

Our product solutions made from model and support material under the trademark VXL® are designed to pave the way to professional and industrial additive manufacturing for our customers. Learn more about our approach on the page “Product Philosophy”.